Step 1 Pick Your Battery

  • We offer two types of mounts: V-Mount and Gold Mount.
  • The choice between V-Mount and Gold Mount doesn't affect battery functionality.
  • It's a preference for how you want to mount the battery.
  • Some devices come with built-in adapters for V-Mount or Gold Mount.

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Battery Information

Battery Information

Battery Capacity

  • Battery capacity ranges from 95Wh to 270Wh.
  • Larger capacity batteries offer longer runtime.
  • Batteries under 100Wh are popular for travel due to airline regulations.

Output Voltage

  • 14.8V batteries: Suitable for cameras, lights, monitors, and more.
  • 26V batteries: Designed for high-powered lights and cameras.

It's important to double-check the device's input voltage requirements before choosing a battery.

Step 1

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Choose Your Charger

Step#2: Choose Your Charger

About Our Chargers

As for any battery, you will need a charging system to go along with it. We offer a variety of different chargers ranging from single battery chargers to four battery chargers.

Notes About Our Chargers

  • D-Tap Chargers: These chargers can be used to charge the battery via a d-tap port.
  • Charging Speed: Most of our chargers can charge the battery at 2.5A, fully charging a 98Wh battery in approximately 3-4 hours.
  • Dual and Quad Chargers: Our dual and quad battery chargers charge each battery simultaneously, saving you time.
  • Voltage Options: We offer both 14.4V and 26V chargers. PLEASE MAKE SURE you use the correct charger with your batteries to avoid damage to your gear.

Step 3 Below Products

Step # 3

Pick your Camera

Choose Your Power Solution

Choose Your Power Solution

From the drop down menu select camera you are looking to power and find which solution best fits your needs.

There are 2x different solutions that can be used with our batteries

#1 Battery Adapter Plates

These plates come in both v-mount and gold mount and are used to attach your battery to power your device. Each plate features a hardwired cable regulated to your specific device's input voltage so you do not have to worry about overpowering your device. Each plate incorporates an additional d-tap output which can power other accessories via a separately sold power cable.

How to use the adapter plates

  1. Mount the plate to your camera via the 15mm rod bracket
  2. Connect the hardwired cable from the plate to your device
  3. Attach the battery and you are all set to begin

#2 D-Tap Regulation Cables

Our D-Tap regulated cables connect directly via the battery's d-tap port and to your device. Each of our d-tap cables is either regulated or unregulated depending on the device. These are good solutions if you already have a place to mount the battery on your rig.

How to use D-Tap Cables

  1. Plug the D-Tap end into the d-tap port on your battery
  2. Take either the connector or coupler and insert it into your camera
  3. Turn on your device and you're all set to begin