Indipro D-Tap to Type C-USB Quick Charging Adapter & Power Supply (10")


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The Indipro D-Tap to Type C-USB Quick Charging Adapter & Power Supply (10") is a bi-directional quick charger used for charging your V-mount and Gold Mount batteries. Its Super lightweight & compact design, this quick charger only weights 1.7 ounce so it is perfect for travel. This unit has a charging output/recharging power rate of max 100Wh, allowing it to charge a 98Wh battery in approximately 55 Minutes.

Also, with the maximum 100Wh output/input, it can easily charge and power your phones/laptops/notebooks/cameras/drone batteries, with a USB-C output of 3.3V- 20V at 5Amps.

The Quick charger has a Built-in 14-bit ADC to precisely measure charging voltage & current, as well as battery’s voltage & current. Offering multiple protections including Over/Low Input Voltage Protection, Over/Low Output Voltage Protection, Over-charged, Over-discharged, Over-current Protection on Battery, Over-heat protection on IC, this will ensure protection to your device. The cable is 10” in length.

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Patrick Chase
The best I've used

I've used the TetherTools/ONsite adapter, and I currently have the Jupio PowerHQ and this.

The TetherTools is unidirectional (only does DTAP-to-USB) and is finicky in terms of what devices it will negotiate PD with. I wouldn't use it on a job unless I had a PD meter to verify that it was working, and some backup supply to use if it failed, which means I just didn't use it.

This and the Jupio are reliable (negotiate PD with every device I own within their respective current limitations) and provide bidirectional conversion (DTAP-to-USB and USB-to-DTAP). The IndiPro has two advantages: It can go up to 100W vs 60W for the Jupio, and it can safely fast-charge LiIon batteries over DTAP, while the Jupio only acts as a DC supply.

EDIT: I've also tried charging a range of IndiPro, Smallrig, and Fxlion batteries from 50-150 W*hr with this, using a USB-PD power meter to check the delivered power/current. Both the charging currents and the current "step-downs" look reasonable. It delivers 100W to the larger ones and limits the 50 W*hr batteries to 60W (this is a good thing). It appears to step down by about 1/3 at 80% and then progressively ramps the current down to zero from 90%-100% (again, a good thing unless you really like fires).

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