Open Box 4x Micro-Series 98Wh Li-Ion V-Mount Batteries, V-Mount Adapter Plate w/ Multi Outputs and Dual V-Mount Charger Bundle

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Micro-Series V-Mount Li-Ion Battery (98Wh)

Its small size belies the power of the 98Wh Micro-Series V-Mount Li-Ion Battery, which can handle power draws of up to 12A. This battery mounts on a standard-sized V-mount battery plate. It's suitable for use on smaller camera bodies and for a variety of applications that benefit from a small footprint that doesn't sacrifice performance. You can power smaller cameras for extended run times via the battery's D-Tap output port, using a variety of optional D-Tap adapter cables. The battery's 6.8Ah capacity and 14.8V output are sufficient to power most professional cameras.

In addition to the V-mount power output for powering cameras and lights, this Micro-Series battery features both a D-Tap and a USB power output. The D-Tap output can be used to power a light source, monitor, recorder, or other device on your rig while the USB port gives you a convenient way of charging your smartphone and USB accessories while you shoot. A five-LED gauge displays the battery's remaining power.


Dual V-Mount Battery Charger

The IndiPRO Tools V-Mount Dual Battery Charger is equipped with an XLR output and a capacity-management system for optimal charging speeds. Its lightweight design features a built-in carry handle, battery release levers, and a charge/DC-out/off switch, making it convenient for powering accessories on-the-go.


IndiPRO Tools V-Mount Dual Battery Charger with XLR Output
AC Power Cable
4-Pin XLR Cable

V-Mount Battery Plate with Multiple Output Ports

Use this V-Mount Battery Plate with Multiple Output Ports and 15mm Rod Adapter to mount a V-mount battery on your camera rig to power a camera as well as numerous accessories. The plate features an integrated 15mm LWS rod clamp to mount quickly and easily onto your rig.

The V-mount plate also features one 14.8 VDC D-Tap output to power a camera, one 5 VDC USB output to power a smartphone or small accessory, and also 15, 12, and 7.2 VDC barrel outputs to power a wide variety of accessories. There is also a power switch and a status LED to indicate the power outputs are active.


Micro-Series V-Mount Li-Ion Battery (98Wh) 

Mount / Series Type V-Mount
Chemistry Lithium-Ion
Battery Capacity 6800 mAh / 98 Wh
Output Voltage 14.8 VDC
Maximum Load 12 A
Accessory Port 1 x D-Tap Input/Output
1 x USB Type-A Output
Dimensions (W x H x D) 4.7 x 3.6 x 2.1" / 11.94 x 9.14 x 5.33 cm
Weight 1.6 lb / 0.73 kg


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