Teris TS300CF Fluid Head and Tripod Kit


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Introducing the TS300CF Fluid Head and Tripod Kit, a professional-grade camera support system designed to meet the needs of the most demanding photographers and videographers. This kit features the robust TS300CF Fluid Head, paired with a durable carbon fiber tripod, offering unparalleled stability, precision control, and exceptional performance.
With a payload capacity of up to 30KG, the TS300CF Fluid Head and Tripod Kit can comfortably support even the heaviest camera setups, including large lenses and accessories. Despite its impressive strength, the kit is incredibly lightweight, weighing only 10.9KG, making it incredibly portable and easy to transport.
The TS300CF Fluid Head boasts adjustable grades of drag from 0 to 7, allowing for precise control over panning and tilting movements. The tilt range of +90° to -75° offers outstanding flexibility, enabling you to capture a wide range of creative shots and angles with ease.
Equipped with a sturdy 100mm head fitting, the fluid head guarantees secure and stable mounting for various professional cameras. A counterbalance system with 0 to 7 balance grades provides perfect balance and stability, even with heavier camera setups, minimizes vibrations, resulting in smooth and professional footage.
The included carbon fiber tripod extends from 770mm to 1770mm, providing versatile height range and allowing you to capture shots from a variety of angles with precise control. Carbon fiber construction not only ensures durability and strength but also keeps the tripod lightweight for easy transportation and setup.
Choose the TS300CF Fluid Head and Tripod Kit to experience a camera support system that exceeds expectations in terms of quality, performance, and reliability. Whether you're capturing still photographs or shooting video, this kit delivers professional-grade results, making it an essential tool for any photographer or videographer.
Invest in the TS300CF Fluid Head and Tripod Kit and take your photography and videography to new heights. Order now and experience the outstanding quality and performance of this professional-grade kit.

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