Teris GS-1 Ground Spreader


Sale price$60.00


Achieve steady and vibration-free footage in any environment with the Teris GS-1 Ground Spreader for Teris Tripods. This innovative accessory ensures stability and rigidity for your tripod, allowing you to capture the perfect shot every time.
Designed specifically for the Teris series tripods, the GS-1 Ground Spreader is the ultimate companion for photographers and videographers alike. Enjoy maximum stability and rigidity, whether you're working on uneven terrain or smooth surfaces. Say goodbye to shaky footage - this spreader holds your tripod legs in position, keeping your camera steady and allowing you to capture blur-free video.
With its easy installation process, attaching the GS-1 Ground Spreader to your Teris tripod is seamless and effortless. And once you're done filming, the spreader conveniently folds up, making it simple to store and transport between shooting locations.

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