Open Box Dual LP-E6 Power Grid & XLR Audio Box for Blackmagic Cinema & Production Camera 4K (15mm Rod Bracket)

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This Open Box Power Grid & XLR Audio Box with Dual LP-E6 Plates for Blackmagic Cinema/4K Production Cameras from IndiPRO Tools powers your Blackmagic Cinema Camera or 4K Production Camera using two available Canon LP-E6 type batteries, and converts two XLR inputs to 1/4" TRS plugs that connect with your camera's audio inputs. The Plate incorporates a clamp so you can mount it to LWS 15mm support rods.

The plate itself features a two-sided design that mounts the batteries one on each face, two batteries are required to supply the necessary voltage to power the camera. The batteries securely snap in to the plate, and you must press a small tab to remove them. A blue LED built into the plate lights up to indicate sufficient voltage to power the camera. When used in conjunction with the camera's internal battery, you can hot swap the batteries without powering down the camera. The Power Grid System is made in the USA.

  • Powers your Blackmagic Cinema or 4K Production Camera using two available Canon LP-E6 type batteries.
  • The unit incorporates two adapters from XLR to 1/4" Phone (TRS). This allows you to use XLR mics, and record the signal in the camera via the 1/4" inputs.
  • Integrated rod clamp for LWS (light weight standard) 15mm support rods, allows you to mount the Power Grid System in a variety of positions.
  • Space saving battery plate that mounts available batteries face to face instead of side-by-side.
  • Batteries securely snap into place, and a release tab must be depressed to remove them, which means that the batteries remain attached during normal use.
  • A built-in blue power LED provides confirmation that the Power grid system is supplying enough voltage to power the camera.

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