Teris Cine-H Heavy Duty Tripod


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Introducing the Cine-H Heavy Duty Tripod, a powerhouse designed to support your professional filmmaking endeavors.
With an exceptional payload capacity of 300KG, this tripod can confidently handle the weight of heavy cinema cameras and professional equipment, providing unwavering stability to capture your cinematic visions. Despite its robust power, the tripod itself weighs only 10.27KG, ensuring ease of transportability and convenience on set.
The 150mm head fitting allows for smooth and precise movements, accommodating various tripod heads for ultimate versatility. It enables seamless panning, tilting, and capturing dynamic shots that elevate your filmmaking to new heights.
Constructed with carbon fiber, the Cine-H tripod offers optimal durability and lightweight portability. This resilient material ensures superior rigidity while minimizing vibrations, ensuring the clarity and sharpness of your shots. This is particularly crucial in demanding environments where stability is paramount.
Experience unparalleled control, reliability, and durability with the Cine-H Heavy Duty Tripod. Masterfully crafted to withstand the demands of professional filmmaking, it is your ultimate companion on set or in the field.
Step up your filmmaking game and capture breathtaking visuals with the Cine-H Heavy Duty Tripod. Elevate your creativity and exceed expectations with this exceptional equipment. Invest in your passion today!

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