4x Micro-Series 26V Gold Mount 260Wh Lithium-Ion Batteries with Quad 26V Gold Mount Lithium-Ion Battery Charger Kit


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Included in this kit, there are Four Gold Mount IndiPRO Tools 260Wh Micro-Series 26V 260Wh Lithium-Ion Batteries and a Quad 26V Gold Mount Battery Charger. The 26V Batteries can handle power draws up to a maximum 15A continuous draw and features one 26V D-Tap output port. The Quad Charger is designed to simultaneously charge up to four 26V Gold mount batteries.

Micro-Series 26V Gold Mount 260Wh Lithium-Ion Battery

This 260Wh Micro-Series battery is designed for use with pro video cameras, lights, monitors, or other devices on your rig. A 5-LED gauge displays the battery's remaining power. Please note, this battery is not compatible with a 14.8V charger.

Quad 26V Gold Mount Lithium-Ion Battery Charger

It supports 100-240V power input for worldwide compatibility and comes with a U.S. standard AC power cable. The charger features a carry handle, stand feet for desktop use, a power switch, and four LED indicators that confirm the status of a separate battery.

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