Key Features
  • D-Tap Battery Connector
  • SafeTap Comes With a 28" Flying Leads Pigtail Cable

The SafeTap Connector from Lentequip is an active D-Tap battery connector that helps prevent damage to your battery or equipment. It features a multicolored LED indicator that provides feedback on reverse polarity, over/under voltage, and short-circuit conditions. At 10V, a sleep mode is activated (indicated by a blue light) to protect your battery against deep discharge. Sleep mode prevents your power source from draining to extreme levels if you leave a powered accessory unattended. SafeTap assembles quickly and easily. "Knock-out" sections on the left and right sides of the housing allow for simple cable exit, and cable strain relief is achieved via a tie-wrap that counteracts pullout forces. SafeTap comes with a 28" flying leads pigtail cable.


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