V-Mount Battery Adapter Plate with D-Tap Output and Mounting Clamp


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Use this V-Mount Battery Plate with 15mm Rod Mount from IndiPRO Tools to mount a V-mount battery on your RED KOMODO camera and power the camera, as well as numerous accessories, with unregulated 11 to 17 VDC power input and output. The included coiled cable extends from 12 to 36" and features D-Tap to 2-pin LEMO-type connectors to power the RED KOMODO.

The plate features an integrated 15mm LWS rod clamp to mount quickly and easily onto your rig. The plate features one 14.7 VDC D-Tap output to power the camera, one 5 VDC USB output to power a smartphone or small accessory, and also 15, 12, and 7.2 VDC barrel outputs to power a wide variety of accessories.

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