TS120CF Fluid Head and Tripod Kit


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Introducing the TS120CF Fluid Head and Tripod Kit, the ultimate camera support system designed for professional photographers and videographers. With a perfect balance of strength, reliability, and lightweight construction, this kit is built to exceed your expectations in any shooting situation.
The TS120CF Fluid Head and Tripod Kit boasts an impressive payload capacity of 15KG, making it suitable for heavy camera setups, including large lenses and accessories. Weighing in at just 7.08KG, it offers a lightweight and portable solution without compromising on stability.
Featuring adjustable grades of drag from 0 to 5, the TS120CF Fluid Head ensures precise control over panning and tilting movements, allowing for smooth and fluid camera operation. The tilt range of +90° to -75° further enhances flexibility, enabling you to capture a wide range of creative shots with ease.
The 100mm head fitting of the fluid head provides a secure and stable mounting platform for professional cameras. Additionally, the counterbalance system, adjustable from 0 to 7, guarantees perfect balance and stability even when working with heavier camera setups. This feature minimizes vibrations, ensuring smooth and professional footage.
The included carbon fiber tripod extends from 690mm to 1780mm, offering a versatile height range to suit any shooting scenario. Carbon fiber construction provides durability and strength while reducing weight, making it effortless to transport and set up wherever your creative vision takes you.
Invest in the TS120CF Fluid Head and Tripod Kit and embark on a new level of precision and control in your photography and videography. Capture stunning images or produce smooth video footage with confidence, knowing that this professional-grade kit will deliver exceptional results every time.
Don't compromise on quality and performance - choose the TS120CF Fluid Head and Tripod Kit. Elevate your art and order now to experience the difference of a truly reliable and high-performing camera support system.

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