Teris TS1060CF Short Tripod


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Introducing the TS1060CF Short Tripod, a versatile and reliable tool for photographers and videographers seeking to capture the perfect shot. This tripod is designed to handle heavy payloads of up to 30KG, providing stability and peace of mind during your shoots.
Crafted from lightweight yet robust carbon fiber material, the tripod weighs just 3KG, making it portable and easy to carry on any assignment. The height range of 100mm to 600mm offers flexibility in adjusting the tripod's height to meet your specific shooting needs.
With its 100mm head fitting, the TS1060CF Short Tripod is compatible with a wide range of camera heads, ensuring easy and secure attachment. This feature allows you to use various professional cameras, expanding your creative possibilities.
Upgrade your photography and videography setup with the TS1060CF Short Tripod and experience outstanding stability, versatility, and durability in one compact package. Unleash your creativity and capture stunning shots with ease.

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