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Introducing the TS120 Fluid Head, a premium-quality camera support system designed for professional photographers and videographers. Built with advanced features and high-quality materials, the TS120 Fluid Head delivers unmatched performance, stability, and precision, making it an essential tool for capturing superior-quality footage.
With a massive payload capacity of 15KG, the TS120 Fluid Head can easily accommodate heavy camera setups, including cinema-grade cameras and accessories. Despite its exceptional load capacity, this fluid head weighs just 3.09KG, making it convenient to transport and set up for any shooting scenario.
Featuring grades of drag adjustable from 0 to 5, the TS120 Fluid Head enables precise and smooth panning and tilting movements, ideal for capturing fluid shots with ease. The tilt range of +90° to -75° provides exceptional flexibility, allowing you to achieve creative angles and perspectives for your photography and videography projects.
The TS120 Fluid Head is equipped with a 100mm head fitting, providing a secure and stable platform for professional cameras. The counterbalance system, adjustable from 0 to 7, ensures perfect balance and stability, reducing vibrations and ensuring smooth and professional-grade camera movements.
Constructed from high-quality aluminum, the TS120 Fluid Head is durable and robust, ideal for withstanding the rigors of regular use in any shooting scenario. The sleek and elegant design of the fluid head adds sophistication to your camera support system, making your photographic equipment stand out.
The TS120 Fluid Head is designed to help you capture professional-grade footage effortlessly, delivering unparalleled stability, precision, and performance. Invest in this high-quality product today and experience the pinnacle of camera support systems available on the market.
Choose the TS120 Fluid Head to take your photography and videography to new heights. Order now and elevate your creative potential, backed by a trusted and proven camera support system that delivers exceptional results.

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