Indy 5000 (AC and 28 VDC Output Battery Generator)


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Introducing the robust and powerful INDY 5000, a fast-charging battery generator built to withstand the demands of rental houses and owner operators who value top-notch performance and reliability. With a remarkable 4,914 watt-hour capacity, this game-changing generator is equipped with a rain cover, a convenient storage bin, and a low battery warning light to ensure seamless operation in any setting.

Experience the convenience of the INDY 5000's rapid charger, which can fully recharge the battery in just 4.5 hours, allowing you to stay productive by using it while charging. Need more power? No problem. The INDY 5000 is designed to link with additional units, effectively doubling its capacity to meet even the most demanding energy requirements.

Block Battery's cutting-edge proprietary cartridge-based solutions make servicing, re-celling, and fault diagnosis a breeze, providing you with ease and convenience. With this cartridge-based design, the INDY 5000 can deliver up to 2500 watts of pure sine wave AC power, making it an ideal choice for lighting and general power applications.

Moreover, the INDY 5000 stands out with its two 20 amp 28VDC outputs, perfect for camera and crane applications. The built-in diagnostics further enhance the INDY 5000's functionality, allowing you to easily determine the weakest cartridge bank after each discharge, ensuring optimal performance at all times.

From its rugged construction to its impressive power capabilities, the INDY 5000 truly sets the bar high for battery generators. Elevate your equipment to a whole new level with the INDY 5000 and enjoy uninterrupted power supply, versatility, and peace of mind for your critical projects.

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