Indipro Kratos 50Wh V-Mount Li-Ion Battery


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The Indipro Kratos is the ultimate lithium-ion V-Mount battery designed to cater to the needs of professional filmmakers and content creators. It's packed with a 14.4V, 50Wh power capacity, providing long-lasting power supply to your equipment. The Kratos boasts an elegant and refined exterior design that contributes to its sleek and modern look.

One of the Kratos' notable features is its multiple ports, which offer different voltage output, including a D-Tap output, 2.1mm output, 2.5mm output, Type-A USB output, and Type-C USB output. With these ports, the Kratos can power a wide array of professional gear, including cameras, lights, recorders, and monitors.

For easy mounting, the Kratos features a 1/4-20 insert located on the bottom of the battery, making it easy to attach to your equipment securely. Additionally, the Kratos also comes equipped with an illumination light on the back, providing convenient lighting to help you work efficiently even in low-light conditions.

The Kratos is also air travel safe, making it the go-to choice for filmmakers who need to carry their equipment while traveling. With a 2-year limited warranty, the Indipro Kratos is the perfect power solution for professional filmmakers who demand reliability, portability, and durability from their equipment.

Customer Reviews

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Laurence Duffy
Couldn't be more thrilled with this Battery!

I'm a videographer and I needed a powerful and reliable battery when I'm on set. A buddy of mine referred me to this new battery from Indipro and boy was I was not disappointed. When it comes to reliability, the Kratos battery delivers without fail. I trust it to keep my camera, lights, and other equipment running smoothly throughout my shoots. No more interruptions or worries about power draining away at crucial moments. I can see why Indipro is known for their industry-leading power solutions. I will be telling all of my co-workers to buy this battery as soon as they can!

Alfredo Kemp
Kratos Battery Doesn't Disappoint!

As a professional filmmaker, having a reliable power solution is crucial to keep my creative projects running smoothly. The Kratos Battery has become an essential companion in my filmmaking journey. With its 50Wh capacity, the Kratos battery provides ample power to keep my camera, lights, and other equipment up and running. It's the perfect solution for on-the-go shoots where I need a reliable power source that doesn't weigh me down. Thank you Indipro for this incredible battery, I'm never going out on a shoot without it!

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