Teris CINE-M Heavy Duty Tripod


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Introducing the CINE-M Heavy Duty Tripod – a true powerhouse designed for professional filmmakers seeking reliable and sturdy support for their cinematic endeavors.
With an impressive payload capacity of 300KG, this tripod effortlessly handles heavy cinema cameras and professional equipment, ensuring rock-solid stability for your shots. Despite its robust capabilities, it boasts a remarkably lightweight design, weighing only 9.23KG. This makes it easy to transport and allows for seamless setup and adjustments on set.
The CINE-M tripod features a 150mm head fitting, providing smooth and precise movements. It effortlessly accommodates various tripod heads, allowing you to capture seamless panoramic shots and fluid camera motions that bring your vision to life.
Crafted with carbon fiber, this tripod achieves the perfect balance between durability and weight reduction. The carbon fiber construction ensures exceptional rigidity, minimizing unwanted vibrations and ensuring the utmost clarity and sharpness in your footage. This is especially crucial when shooting in challenging environments where stability is paramount.
Experience unmatched control, reliability, and durability with the CINE-M Heavy Duty Tripod. It is meticulously designed to meet the demands of professional filmmaking, giving you the confidence to push your creative boundaries.
Elevate your filmmaking to new heights with the CINE-M Heavy Duty Tripod. Invest in this exceptional equipment today and watch your cinematic visions come to life like never before.

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