Neil Fernandez
When it comes to filmmaking, the possibilities are endless.  From filming the band Kiss in Dubai to the heat of Black Rock Desert surrounded by the powerful spiritual essence that glows in the night.  For me to capture such beauty, I need something that can power my RED and withstand any conditions Mother Nature throws at me!  That's where Indipro Batteries have never failed me.  No matter if I'm in the extreme heat filming the rock gods play their music, to filming gorgeous swimsuit models in the tropics, or if I’m in the coldest of winters documenting investigators looking for the paranormal.  These batteries have held their own and have given me long lasting power on a camera that requires a lot!  Knowing that I have the great people from Indipro behind me, my camera and vision will always have the power to keep telling beautiful stories around the world!
Shoutout to @vonware for using our Alpha Series 99wh battery and universal power grip to power all his devices for his latest production.
By using our alpha series 99wh battery and universal power grip, this setup will give Von all the extra power he needs to shoot all day!
using our alpha series 99wh and universal power grip to power all of his professional grade accessories for his latest production.

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