Indipro Battery Adapter Plates: Re-Use Your Existing Batteries to Power your New Devices
At Indipro, we have made it our mission to provide high-quality power solutions that extend the runtime of cameras and devices. Our battery adapter plates exemplify this commitment, catering to the needs of popular brands such as Sony, Canon, Panasonic, Blackmagic, Nikon, RED, Aputure, Ikan, Godox, and more. These versatile plates allow our customers to utilize either our reliable batteries or their existing power sources, providing seamless power to any type of device. With a wide array of adapter plates featuring various mounting styles, we have the right solution for every production requirement.

 V-Mount or Gold Mount Plates with 15mm Rod System: Extend Runtime with Stability

 When it comes to extending the runtime of your devices, our V-Mount or Gold Mount battery plates with a 15mm LWS rod system are a game-changer. These plates effortlessly attach to your rig via a 15mm rod bracket, ensuring a secure and stable power source. As an added benefit, when mounted on the back of your rig, these plates also function as convenient counterweights, maintaining balance and stability during your shoot.

V-Mount or Gold Mount Plates with 1/4"-20” Insert: Easy Mounting, Extended Runtime

 Our V-Mount or Gold Mount battery plates with a 1/4"-20” insert offer a hassle-free solution for extending runtime. Designed for quick and easy mounting, these plates can be seamlessly attached to your rig or stand using an integrated clamp (sold separately).

 NP-F Adapter Plates with 1/4"-20” or 15mm Rod System: Widely Available Power Source

 For those using widely available NP-F/Sony L-Series type batteries, our NP-F adapter plates are the ideal choice. These plates allow you to power your device using either 1x or 2x NP-F/Sony L-Series type batteries, giving you flexibility and convenience. Thanks to the integrated 1/4"-20” insert or 15mm rod system, these adapter plates can be quickly and easily attached to your rig, providing reliable power to keep your devices running smoothly throughout the production.
We understand the importance of reliable power solutions for filmmakers and creative professionals. Our battery adapter plates empower you to re-use your existing batteries, extending the runtime of your new devices effortlessly. With mounting options including V-Mount, Gold Mount, NP-F adapters, and compatibility with a variety of popular brands, our selection ensures versatility and reliability for any production need.

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