Teris TS1610CF Carbon Fiber Tripod


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Introducing the TS1610CF Carbon Fiber Tripod, a premium and reliable support system designed for professional photographers and videographers who require a sturdy tripod capable of handling heavy camera setups. With an impressive payload capacity of 50KG, this tripod offers exceptional stability and strength, allowing you to confidently capture stunning imagery in any shooting scenario.
Crafted from high-quality carbon fiber, the TS1610CF combines lightweight portability with unparalleled durability. Weighing just 3.98KG, this tripod is easy to carry and set up, ensuring that you can quickly transition between locations without compromising on stability or performance.
Equipped with secure leg locks, the TS1610CF ensures your tripod remains steady and stable, even with heavy camera equipment attached. This eliminates unwanted vibrations and allows you to focus on capturing your shot with precision and clarity. The tripod's rubber feet provide excellent traction on various surfaces, further increasing stability and reducing the risk of slips or slides.
The TS1610CF features a 100mm head fitting, ensuring seamless compatibility with a wide range of professional tripod heads. Its precise design guarantees a secure and reliable fit, enabling smooth panning and tilting for fluid camera movement. This compatibility makes the TS1610CF an excellent choice for photographers and videographers who demand professional-grade performance.
The TS1610CF Carbon Fiber Tripod is a reliable, durable, and versatile tool designed to support your creative vision. It is the ideal companion for professionals who require a high-quality tripod capable of supporting heavy camera equipment while offering the convenience of a 100mm head fitting.

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