Introducing Teris: Elevate Your Creative Vision with High-Quality Tripods & Mini Jibs

We're thrilled to announce that Indipro is now the authorized US Distributor of the renowned Teris brand. As a company dedicated to empowering your creativity and providing reliable power solutions, it is only fitting that we partner with Teris to offer you an industry-leading selection of high-quality tripods and mini jibs.
Teris is a leading manufacturer overseas, which they have been perfecting their craft since 2009. Guided by a team of professional engineers experienced in broadcasting and video fields, Teris produces a diverse range of fluid head & tripod kits, jibs, and related accessories designed to exceed your expectations.
One cannot deny the impact Teris has made in their domestic market, where they occupy an astounding 80% share of the professional market. Now, their innovative products are ready to make their mark on the global stage. Each year, Teris presents their latest creations at prestigious international events like NAB, IBC, and BCA, forging connections with fellow professionals and showcasing their commitment to excellence.
At the core of Teris' philosophy lies an unwavering belief that quality and functionality are essential components of every creative project. Their products are meticulously designed with robust quality and ease of use in mind, making them ideal for professionals in various video-shooting fields. One standout product, the JQ50-III Mini Jib, has garnered high praise. Crafted from lightweight carbon fiber, this exceptional jib extends up to an impressive 15 feet and offers a tilt range of +87°/-66°. With such versatility, it allows you to effortlessly create smooth cinematic camera moves that elevate your storytelling.
Teris has become a globally recognized brand, trusted by professionals worldwide, thanks to their dedication to delivering top-notch video-shooting equipment. When you choose Teris, you unlock the potential for reliable and innovative solutions that bring your creative endeavors to new heights. To provide additional peace of mind, every Teris product comes with a 3-year warranty – a testament to their unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction.
We've received overwhelmingly positive feedback from our clients who purchased these Teris tripods. Many have remarked on the striking resemblance to the Sachtler brand, both in terms of style and feel. The best part? The Teris tripods come at a fraction of the cost that you would normally expect to pay for such premium quality.
Visit our website to explore the incredible Teris product range now available at Indipro. Together, we'll bring your creative vision to life – reliably and with boundless inspiration.

Trust Teris. Trust Indipro. Empower Your Creativity

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