Determine the Longevity of a Li-Ion Battery in Powering your Light
To determine how long a v-mount or gold mount li-ion battery can run a light, you will first need to locate the following specs of your light:
Power Consumption (W)
Input Voltage
For most lights the manufacturer will provide the power consumption and input voltage specs. You will then need to determine the amperage based off this information.
For example, let's discuss the amaran COB 60x S Bi-Color LED Monolight. This light has a power consumption of 78W and uses 1x battery at 14.8 V to be powered. To determine the amperage you will need to divide the consumption by the voltage:
Power Consumption (78W)
Voltage (14.8)
That will equal to an approx. amperage of 5.2A
Now that we have that information we will need to find the amperage that is being used on the batteries. This information can be found directly on the battery or through the provided manufacturer specs.
For this example we will discuss our Indipro 270Wh Battery which has an amperage of 18.6A.
Now to determine how long this battery will run the this light you will need to take the batteries amperage and divide it by the lights amperage:
Indipro 270Wh Battery (18.6A)
Amaran 60x Light (5.2)
This comes out to 3.5796 which means you will get approx. 3.5 Hours of runtime from 1x Indipro 270wh battery for the amaran COB 60x S Bi-Color LED Monolight.
 To Review
1) Find the power consumption and input voltage of the light
2) Divide the Power Consumption/ Voltage= Light Amperage
3) Once you have the light amperage, find the battery’s amperage
4) Divide the Battery Amperage/ Light Amperage= Light Runtime

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