Key Features
  • 12.5V, 98Wh Li-Ion Battery
  • Supports up to 6A Continuous Draw
  • Regulated 7.4 & 12 VDC Barrel Outputs
  • 5V USB Type-A Out; D-Tap Output Cable

Designed for use with DSLR and mirrorless cameras, the 98Wh Porta-Pak Battery with D-Tap Output and Charger from IndiPRO Tools supports up to a 6A continuous draw and provides several types of output ports. In addition to a regulated 7.4V output compatible with many cameras, the Porta-Pak battery offers a regulated 12V output for powering an accessory like a monitor or light and a 5V USB Type-A output for mobile devices. This version of the Porta-Pak also incorporates a female D-Tap connector on a short external cable for unregulated 12.5 VDC output. Use a separately available dummy battery cable to connect the Porta-Pak to your camera. Additional battery features include a four-LED power gauge and a 2.1mm output splitter Y-cable. The included charger has a male D-Tap connector and charges the Porta-Pak through the battery's female D-Tap connector. The charger also features a lightweight design, a 90 to 240 VAC input range, an LED charge status indicator, and a 2A charge current.


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