Power your camera rig with this Indipro V-Mount Battery Plate with Multiple Output Ports and 15mm Rod Adapter. Featuring multiple types of power outputs including outputs for 15V, 12V, 7.2V ports and 5V USB as well as a 14.8V D-Tap output. The different outputs voltages provide power to different rig components, while a USB output is available for charging your mobile or wireless device. Using the integrated 15mm LWS rod clamp, this battery plate can be mounted onto the rear of a shoulder rig. Having the camera/device in this configuration allows you to use it and the battery as a counterweight for an otherwise front-heavy rig. This plate attaches to standard 15mm LWS rods and can be adjusted vertically. When you attach a battery, it slides and snaps into place, and is released by a latch on the side. The V-Mount Battery Plate also has a power switch that turns on an LED indicator that confirms that the battery is delivering power to the ports.


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