Power Solutions: V-Mount VS. Gold Mount Battery Systems For You


Using cameras with batteries that can last longer is very important. Because if you’re a professional and during work your battery stops working due to low charging. It will affect your work reputation. There are many types of camera batteries. 

But the most common among them are v-mount and gold mount batteries. And today, we’re going to discuss power solutions: v-mount vs. gold mount battery systems. Through this, you can easily decide which type of battery is suitable for your camera.

Power Solutions: V-Mount VS. Gold Mount Battery Systems:

To understand properly the differences between v-mount vs. gold-mount battery systems, you need to know their capabilities. Following are 5 main differences between these 2 types of batteries.


To understand the battery mount comparison between v-mount vs. gold mount batteries, you should know about its functioning. The v-mount battery system is used not only for cameras but also for other electronic devices. For bigger shootings like in films and different programs, the use of v-mount is reliable. Due to its ability to connect with different devices, people love V-mount battery systems.

On the contrary, the gold mount batteries are used for different pro shows. Gold mount batteries are used for a very long time. Due to this, they can offer a good solution if you’re broadcasting your shows in difficult shooting areas. 

Easy To Use:

Both v-mount and gold-mount are easy to use. V-mount is lighter when you hold it. Due to this, you can use it for different shootings that need proper focus. And you can move it from one place to another without any difficulty. You can even change the battery of the camera without disturbing its functioning. Due to this, the shooting continued without any problem.

On the contrary, gold mount batteries can change their hot-swappable plates with a properly charged new one. All of this procedure is done while the device is still in use. And due to the change of the battery, your camera works without any stop easily.

Multiple Devices:

The second difference between v-mount vs. gold mount battery systems is their connectivity with different devices. Because a v-mount battery system can connect with multiple devices and function properly. Battery adaptors are also famous devices that people enjoy using.

Stable Connection:

The third difference is that v-mount batteries provide stable connections. With the help of their v-shaped plate, it ensures that you experience great connection without any limit. Also, it is created in such a way that users may not get hurt while using them.

Gold mount batteries also provide a secure and stable connection. Unlike v-mount’s v-shaped plate, gold mount uses a gold-shaded plate on the device. Due to which the security and stability of the connection are not disturbed. 


The fourth difference is that both of these batteries are used for different industries. The gold mount is used for tough and outside shootings where more battery is required. On the other hand, v-mount battery systems are used for big film shootings where large battery power is also needed. 

Which One Is Suitable For You?:

Power solutions: v-mount vs. gold mount battery systems selection purely depends on your requirements about the device. If you want a modern, movable, multiple devices connected and secure connection then choosing v-mount battery systems is suggested. 

But if you want a traditional-looking, stable connection providing device. And the ability to change its battery while the device is in use, then buying gold mount batteries is suggested.


Power solutions: V-mount vs. gold mount battery systems are two types of camera batteries. Both provide different types of functions according to their designs and functions. You should only use the one which is in your range. 

You can find different designs and varieties of both of these camera batteries at a professional company like IndiproTools. And you can enjoy using it and create professionally breathtaking content.

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